Labels into lexicon

“Labeling” as a word seems to have a bad connotation, implying insufficient forethought, or even an intention to oversimplify or foster identity-based thinking. But labeling is just naming, and critical to having any substantive discussion of a topic. Maybe we could think more in terms of “lexicon” than “labels.”

Eric Willeke recently did . . . → Read More: Labels into lexicon

Definition of a Stability Metric

This is the short “just the facts” version of a longer post I’m writing on the motivations and potential benefits of tracking Stability. Here, I’m just describing the formula.

“Stabilty” is a measure of the portion of planned work that is executed, relative to the total work considered in an iteration, including additions and . . . → Read More: Definition of a Stability Metric

The 3K Problem

In the late 90s, the world was engulfed in Y2K hysteria. Predictions of a global calamity were everywhere, with all computers ceasing to function at 12:00 a.m. on January 1.

My partners and I found this all a little amusing. We’d just launched a new web company, building code for budding e-commerce start-ups, . . . → Read More: The 3K Problem