The 3K Problem

In the late 90s, the world was engulfed in Y2K hysteria. Predictions of a global calamity were everywhere, with all computers ceasing to function at 12:00 a.m. on January 1.

My partners and I found this all a little amusing. We’d just launched a new web company, building code for budding e-commerce start-ups, and we felt pretty removed from the concerns of the COBOL and PL/1 folks. One partner became fond of assuming a thoughtful pose and deadpanning, “I’m worried about the Y3K problem.” He’d carry this joke on, waiting to see how long it took people to get the sarcasm.

But my colleague’s quip stuck with me. From early childhood I was always interested in the future, and one far enough away that I could dream large. Even now, a thousand years feels like a good horizon: long enough that anything is possible; short enough to think it could be recognizable.

So that’s where the “3k” in all my monikers comes from. No big worry here, but people sometimes go “Hmm” when I tell them my email address, and twice I’ve been accused of embedding a KKK reference. (Wow, seriously?)

So there, the record’s straight. What do you think about life a thousand years from now? Feel free to comment -/

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